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  • Free Demo Classes Of B.Tech Tuitions

    Free Demo Classes Of B.Tech Tuitions

    Second year students of ECE and CSE/IT are having following subjects. Analog electronics, Maths four, Network Analysis and synthesis, TOC, Communication systems, Control system, EMFT, following is the schedule of the classes on weekend. Physics-2 :- It consist of Electromagnetism and quantum physics. This is a B Tech coaching in Delhi classs of applied physics 2. In this class we are covering Maxwell’s equations. Maths-2 :-

    Tejas_Engineers_Academy February 2, 2020 More
  • B.Tech Maths Tuitions in Delhi Full Guide

    B.Tech Maths Tuitions in Delhi Full Guide

    First semester is one of the crucial sem of the B.Tech degree. Students directly coming from the school environment tend to see the studies like school. In school the time available for studies is greater than college. It is difficult ot complete the syllabus in such a short amount of time using self study. Here at Tejas Engineers academy we have weekend batches where we B.Tech

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