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  • B.Tech subjects tuitions in Delhi

    B.Tech subjects tuitions in Delhi

    There are many engineering university in and around Delhi NCR. Admissions are taking place at this time and new session is going to start this August. Following are the important subjects which are being taught in our institute. Engineering Mathematics:- Engineering Maths of first semester contains chapters like:- Infinite series, Matrices, Asymptotes curve tracing, Radius of curvature, reduction formulae, single integration, first order and linear differential

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  • B.Tech Tuition Institute In Delhi

    B.Tech Tuition Institute In Delhi

    B.Tech subjects are as follows: 1. Engineering Maths three:- Involving topics like, Fourier series, Fourier Transform, Z transform, and Difference equation for the third semester of all students of IP university in first sessional exams commencing from September 2019. Students currently doing B.Tech from IP unversityh and are in third sem can join our B.Tech tuition of engineering maths in Delhi. We are located in west

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  • Engineering Subjects Tuitions in Delhi

    Engineering Subjects Tuitions in Delhi

    In the coming First, Third and Fifth semester of branches of CSE and ECE following are the majority of subjects: First Semester: – First semester of all branches have same set of subjects, these are Maths-1, Applied physics-1, Applied chemistry, Electrical Technology, Communication skills, and Engineering graphics. First sem student take Physics, Math s and Electrical technology lightly thinking that these subjects are similar to that

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  • B.Tech tuitions in Delhi for third semester

    B.Tech tuitions in Delhi for third semester

    We are giving B.Tech tuitions in Delhi in a way that even a student with weakest fundamental will be able to understand integration by parts and properties.

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  • Engineering tuitions in Delhi

    Engineering tuitions in Delhi

    Exams of IP university, MD University, PTU, RTU, NSIT, DTU, Sharda University, SRM university, VTU, Manipal, are almost over. We are giving specialized Engineering tuitions for subjects like Maths, Microprocessor, DSP, EMFT, Mechanics, Electrical Technology, Applied Physics.  Some students those who approached us are from IP university who were having the problem of timing in the course of semester. We are giving them tuitions of Physics

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  • JAVA Training In delhi

    JAVA Training In delhi

    JAVA is a programming language which is a must to have skill in the current era. If you are pursuing a computer course, or having computer degree aspiration, you must be having JAVA as a hands on skill in current job market situations. Hands on package is being offered to the JAVA experts in industry. As a technical skill , JAVA is used almost in every

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  • Java Training in Delhi

    Java Training in Delhi

    Java is one of professionally used language for software and web development. It is a well known fact that if you are doing a technical course in  IT or CSE you must have to learn as a technical skill in your profile. Understanding the basics of object oriented programming:– Java is an object oriented programming based on classes and objects. If you are school or college

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  • B.Tech Training In Delhi For Engineering Subjects

    B.Tech Training In Delhi For Engineering Subjects

    Current semester exams for various engineering colleges in and around Delhi is coming this month. In May-2017 Universities like Delhi Technological university, Inderprastha university, Kurushetra University, MD university haver announced dates of final theory exams. In Delhi technological university many professors are not following the prescribed syllabus. In Applied optics subject, only first two units were taught in the whole semester, now professor is saying that

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  • B Tech Subjects Coaching in Tejas Engineers Academy

    B Tech Subjects Coaching in Tejas Engineers Academy

    Today we met some of the Mdu students of colleges near Delhi NCR. They told us that exams are coming and we haven’t prepared well for the upcoming exams. We asked the reason and they told us that they are not able to understand the subject in college lectures. College Faculty teaching methodology is very poor and no one is able to understand. That’s why we

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  • B.Tech tuitions in summer vacation

    B.Tech tuitions in summer vacation

    Exams of B.Tech students are going to be over in few days. Students coming out after exam were saying that maths question paper of MD university involved lots of tough problems.  Rakesh who is a reappear student told us that question of vector calculus were easy but with a vector integration were difficult. Rakesh told that I was taking B.Tech tuitions in Delhi from Tejas Engineers

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