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  • Online Tuitions for B.Tech subjects of all Universities

    Online Tuitions for B.Tech subjects of all Universities

    These days, most of the institutes are operating in online mode. This is due to the gov. guidelines to follow social distancing. It has provided distant students an opportunity to take online tuitions from us. Now we are giving them online B.Tech tuitions of all major subjects like Applied Maths, Microprocessor, Electrical Technology, Computer Architecture, C programming, signals and systems, digital system design, digital electronics, Microelectronics,

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  • Online B.Tech tuitions for Maths

    Online B.Tech tuitions for Maths

    Almost all universities in India are closed in the period of lockdown, and they are conducting the online classes. Students are getting online classes of all subjects from various online platforms. Students are getting the problems understanding in online mode, they are not understanding the subject from notes. We are giving online B.Tech tuition from digital pen in which students will comprehensively understand from screen writing.

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  • Engineering Mechanics Online Lecture

    Engineering Mechanics Online Lecture

    Tejas Engineers Academy is one of the leading institutes of giving B.Tech tuitions in Delhi and NCR. Engineering Mechanics is a core subject of second semester of all branches. In this lecture we have covered Moment of Inertia of plane figures. It covers topic of finding the moment of inertia of regular figures like, rectangle, semicircle, quadrant, triangular lamina. Then moment of inertia of composite body

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  • How to pass in Maths in B Tech ?

    How to pass in Maths in B Tech ?

    Maths of B.Tech is also known as Engineering Maths, you can easily pass in Maths of B Tech by  following points Take notes of all the formulaes of the various chapters that in your syllabus. Take collection of all the last 7 year question papers of Maths of your university and solve them yourself or with the help of your tutor. Know your strengths and weakness

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  • Online tuitions for B.Tech subjects

    Online tuitions for B.Tech subjects

    These days students are preferring online classes and we are giving online classes for the following subjects Applied Maths-1:- It is a most common first semester subject in which we cover infinite series, matrices, curve tracing, asymptots, radius of curvature and other topics. We are giving zoom classes topic wise. Online tuitions for Applied Maths 1 is provided by our institute in morning and evening timings.

    Btech_Institute June 1, 2020 More
  • Online B.Tech tuitions in Delhi INDIA

    Online B.Tech tuitions in Delhi INDIA

    Currently IP university in Delhi is conducting online exams for the students appearing in third, fifth and seventh semester. Exams are postponed already to feb month. Generally exams were held in mid of December, the session is late by about 2 months. This is due to the pandemic situation in Delhi. The mode of exams is proctored on the website of ip university , where the

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  • B.Tech tuitions in Delhi for Engineering Maths

    B.Tech tuitions in Delhi for Engineering Maths

    B.Tech tuition classes for Engineering maths are being provided here for all the colleges. We are top institute providing all subject B.Tech tuition classes to all the Engineering students. If you are a student of any university possessing B.Tech engineering having backlog in one or more subject, then you can contact us to clear as soon as possible. If you are a regular student then also

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  • Online B Tech Coaching In The Present Situation

    Online B Tech Coaching In The Present Situation

    We are giving online classes for all the subject using zoom platform. We are also sharing notes pdf and video recording on private basis. Student is given full support in terms of solving the problems faced by his or her. In current situation when college are off, students are not paying much attention toward the studies of next semester. We are giving online classes to solve

    Tom June 18, 2020 More
  • IPU Date Sheet 2020

    IPU Date Sheet 2020

    A date sheet is posted on the ipu website where they are saying that exams are to be started for all B Tech colleges on 26 june 2020. Most of the parents are protesting against it and not agreed upon. This is true that there is no need to conduct offline exam, be on safe side, there is no need to go to college for exams.

    Btech_Institute June 3, 2020 More
  • BTech Maths tuition

    BTech Maths tuition

    This is a time of pandemic in which students are learning from home and college teachers are giving them online classes. These classes are being provided on online platform like zoom. In this time the need of online tuitions is more compared to the previous time when we took offline classes. Students need more of the online classes these time. In college teachers are taking the

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