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  • Engineering Mechanics Online Lecture

    Engineering Mechanics Online Lecture

    Tejas Engineers Academy is one of the leading institutes of giving B.Tech tuitions in Delhi and NCR. Engineering Mechanics is a core subject of second semester of all branches. In this lecture we have covered Moment of Inertia of plane figures. It covers topic of finding the moment of inertia of regular figures like, rectangle, semicircle, quadrant, triangular lamina. Then moment of inertia of composite body

    Tejas_Engineers_Academy July 27, 2020 More
  • Placement Details For B.Tech Passed Students IPU

    Placement Details For B.Tech Passed Students IPU

    A passed student in electrical electronics engineering usually gets a package of about 3.5 to 10.0 Lakhs per annum salary package, depending upon the company in which he or she is selected. For More Details Click Here We are saying this according to our source, for more information click here. If you are an Electrical student with a good aptitude and technical knowledge, you

    Tejas_Engineers_Academy February 5, 2020 More

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