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Tejas Engineers Academy  is no. 1 B.Tech tuition institute in Delhi. It provides quality tuitions for all subjects and all semesters for all streams of B.Tech. Subjects like Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Circuit Systems,Digital Communication, Electrical Science, ADA, DSP, CA, DCS-1, II , CG, C++ etc. Our tutors are highly qualified, we provide printed notes to all students and we offer guaranteed success to all regular and reappear students. We offer B.Tech tuitions for all subjects and semester for universities like IPU, MDU, DTU, DCRUST, SHARDA univ, UPTU, MTU, Rajasthan Univ, K.U etc.

B.Tech Coaching Institutes In Delhi : B-Tech(Mechanical Sub.)

Name :Raushan Kumar

B.Tech Coaching Institutes In Delhi : Digital Electronics

Name : Nandkishor sharma

B.Tech Coaching Institutes In Delhi : Analog Electronics

Name : Kamal singh

B.Tech Coaching Institutes In Delhi : Analog Electronics

Name : Govind Rajput

B.Tech Coaching Institutes In Delhi : Computer Sc/ IT

Name : Siddharth Coaching Institutes In Delhi : B.Tech Physics-1, 2

Name :Kashif

B.Tech Coaching Institutes In Delhi: Mechanical Sub.

Name : Shyam Bhushan Dubey

B.Tech Coaching Classes In Delhi : Analog-1 ,2.

Name :Mansoor Ahmad

B.Tech Coaching Institutes In Delhi : Civil Engineering (All Subject)

Name : Vikrant

B.Tech Tuition Institutes In Delhi : Fluid Mechanics all topics

Name :Rahul pandey

B.Tech Tuitions In Delhi : Maths-1, 2, 3

Name : Govind

B Tech Tuitions In Delhi : Analog-1 , 2.

Name : Brajesh Sir

B Tech Tuitions In Delhi : Circuits & Systems

Name :Amrit Singh Bhatia

B.Tech Tuition Institutes In Delhi : Power Electronics


B.Tech Tutorials In Delhi : Electrical Engineering

Name :Anwar Ulla Khan

B.Tech tuition institute in Delhi : Software Engineering

Name : Hardeep Singh

B.Tech tuition institute in Delhi : Electrical Machine

Name : Gaurav Kashyap

B.Tech tuition institute in Delhi : DBMS

Name : Pardeep Sir Tuition Institutes In Delhi : Microprocessor

Name : Mritunjay Tuition Institutes In Delhi : Network theory

Name :Laxdip Pendharkar Tuition Institutes In Delhi : (B.Tech Electronics Sub.)

Name :Neeraj kumar

B.Tech Tuition Institutes In Delhi : Applied Maths – I, II, III.

Name : Rameshwar Pandey

Name : Bhagatveer Sir

Tutor For Engineering Maths

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Latest Update

Special Attention for Working professional / Passout

If you are a passout student having backlog in one or more subject and not having time to study then no need to worry. Tejas Engineers Academy offers special coaching for working professionals on weekend and regular basis on late evening time after work. These classes are provided on individual basis and full assurance is given to clear the subject in one attempt. If you are a working professional having backlog in one or more subjects then come to Tejas Engineers Academy for a demo class today.

Analog Electronics

We Provide expert coaching for Analog Electronics -1, 2 and 3 for all universities like IPU, MDU, UPTECH, PTU, Amity, Sharda, MMU, etc. Analog Electronics is a core subject of almost all B Tech branches. We have 3 Faculties for taking Analog Electronics. They are expert teacher of reputed engineering colleges in India. Syllabus of Analog Electronics comprises of Basic Semiconductor physics, Diode, Diode applications, Special purpose diodes, BJT, Load line concept, Biasing stability, JFET , MOSFET, Common source amplifier, hybrid pi model etc.

Circuits systems

Circuit system is also known as Network Theory in some universities. It is a core subject of all disciplines of engineering branches. It is a tough subject in which paper contains tough numericals. This is core subject of GATE exam also. It is not just about KCL and KVL but there are tough problems like Supermesh Analysis and Supernode Analysis. Normal school level teachers will not be able to teach you these concepts. Come to Tejas Engineers Academy for perfecting your concepts in Electric circuit analysis. We are a group of postgraduate Engineers some of our faculties have Doctorate in Engineering.

Digital Circuits and Systems

Digital circuit system is a core subject of GATE exam in CSE as well as ECE. It is also a core subject of most of engineering disciplines. There are tough concepts like Tabular Method, Design using Multiplexers, FPGA block programming, etc. These concepts are very hard to understand in self study. Come to Tejas Engineers Academy, we are a group of Postgraduate and Doctorate Engineers and some of us are regular faculties of Engineering colleges. No one can explain you these techniques more easier than us.


Computer Architecture involves studying the devices inside a microcomputer and their interfacing. It includes detailed flow charts of device operations and computer micro control programs. Subject is difficult to understand by self study. It is a core subject of GATE in CSE/IT discipline and hence it requires a special attention. It is generally included in the 5th semester of B.Tech degree. Large amount of backlogs are created in this subject because student take this subject lightly and they think that they can cover it. If you have a backlog or finding difficulty in this subject then come to Tejas Engineers Academy. We assure you to clear this subject in first attempt with distinctions.


VLSI is a core subject of electronics and communication engineering. It contains very complex theoretical derivations and Numericals of MOSFETs. Derivations and Numericals are very difficult to understand and remember. Every year more than 40% of student get backlogs in this subject. Hence it is recommended to join its coaching. We have highly expert college faculty to teach this subject. We will throghouly explain you complex derivations and give you tips to remember the formulaes and to solve complex numericals.


DSP is also known as Degree Stopping Paper. It is a core subject of almost all branches of engineering in 3rd year. It includes complex calculations of FFT, convolution and Digital filter design algorithms. This is one of the difficult subject of B.Tech and mass backlogs are created in this subject every year. Most of the students come to us after getting backlog, we guarantee to clear this subject in one attempt. It is highly recommended to join coaching for this subject. Our faculty has 15 years of teaching this subject in Engineering college. Tricks and tips will be provided for easily remembering and understanding the complex algorithms of Filter Design.


  • I am an engineering student currently studying in second year (3rd semester). I was very weak in Mathematics while in school and I found myself totally unable to understand mathematics in college lectures. Last year I joined regular course in Tejas Engineers Academy for Applied Mathematics-1, and immediately I found increase in my understanding level. I cleared all my internal tests with full marks and scored 80% in final exams. I am highly thankful to Tejas Engineers Academy.

    Gagandeep Singh (IPU student)

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