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  • B.Tech Tuitions in Delhi Feedback

    B.Tech Tuitions in Delhi Feedback

    While talking to the students of various engineering colleges we collected some of the following opinions. Rajiv Chaudhary: Rajiv is a first year student of BPIT Delhi under IP University. We tried asking about his opinion about B.Tech tuitions in Delhi. He said, Initiallly I was reluctant to join any such B.Tech tuition, but after the First term examination now strongly feels its need. Rajiv told

    Btech_Institute September 30, 2017 More
  • B.Tech Tuition Institutes in Delhi for DSP

    B.Tech Tuition Institutes in Delhi for DSP

    Discrete Fourier Transform: It is very important chapter covered in DSP course. Fourier Trasnform is done to convert a signal from time domain to frequency domain. There are two types of Fourier Transform : Continuous time Fourier Transform and Discrete Time Fourier Transform. Continuous Time Fourier Transform (CTFT) is taken for continuous time signals, whereas Discrete time Fourier Transform(DTFT) is taken for discrete time signals. When

    Tejas_Engineers_Academy February 8, 2015 More

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