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  • Free Demo Classes Of B.Tech Tuitions

    Free Demo Classes Of B.Tech Tuitions

    Second year students of ECE and CSE/IT are having following subjects. Analog electronics, Maths four, Network Analysis and synthesis, TOC, Communication systems, Control system, EMFT, following is the schedule of the classes on weekend. Physics-2 :- It consist of Electromagnetism and quantum physics. This is a B Tech coaching in Delhi classs of applied physics 2. In this class we are covering Maxwell’s equations. Maths-2 :-

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  • Electronic Devices

    Electronic Devices

    B.Tech Tuitions in Delhi For Electronic Devices In the second semester following are the subjects to be covered by all branch students of Engineering in Delhi: Physics, Maths, Engineering Mechanics, Electronic Devices. Electronic Devices consists of topics like Junction diode, special diode, diode applications, transistors, FET, and digital electronics. Zener diode is a special purpose diode which is used in reverse breakdown region. These can be

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