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  • We provide B Tech Coaching in Delhi

    We provide B Tech Coaching in Delhi

    Most of the universities in and around Delhi NCR have recently updated their syllabus for engineering students. The difficulty level of course is increased to high level to find talented students for industry. In most of the courses number of numerical has been increased and hence students are finding it very difficult to cope with the course. Students are not able to practice themselves for the

    Tejas_Engineers_Academy August 22, 2015 More
  • B.Tech tuitions in Delhi Time table 12 Jul 2015

    B.Tech tuitions in Delhi Time table 12 Jul 2015

    Following is the schedule of B.Tech tuitions in Delhi on Tejas Engineers Academy Time and Subject Topics Batch Details 9:30 AM  to 11:30 AM(Electromechanical Energy Conversions)Category: B Tech Tuitions in Delhi for Electromechanical Energy conversions In this class detailed analysis of three phase induction motor is to be covered. Three phase induction motor consists of three windings run by three phases of ac. These three phases

    Tejas_Engineers_Academy July 11, 2015 More

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