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Important note for newly students admitted to Engineering Degree : B.Tech Tuitions in Delhi tuition institutes in delhi

Important note for newly students admitted to Engineering Degree : B.Tech Tuitions in Delhi

1.     About Ragging:- Most of the students admitted to B.Tech degree in Delhi have already heard about the ragging. But note that after Supreme Courts guidelines, ragging is totally banned in all over india. If any senior forces you to do something in the name of ragging you can contact the same to anti ragging squad of college. When you enter in the college, first take a look at the notice board and note down the phone number of anti ragging squad members.

2.     About study:- There is a lot of difference between the school and college study patterns. Fact is that the study of college is less hectic than school but thing to remener is that time available is less. Don’t miss any of your lecture going regularly otherwise you will be lagged.

3.     About extra curricular activites:- First year students are highly attracted towards the extra curricular activities and attractive societies present in the college. A worth point to remember is that such activities are of no use for first year students. Burden of study in first year is far more than the worth of such activities so you are highly recommended to stay away from them.

4.     B.Tech tuitions. For Delhi based students taking admission to engineering courses may consider to join B.Tech tuitions in Delhi for Maths and Electrical Technology. Both subjects have lots of numerical problems and require greater attention. Joing B.Tech tuitions helps the students to proactively prepare for the sessional and final examination which helps them to stay in top position in the class. Undoubtedly the good percentage of marks in theory subjects is highly important for taking a good campus based placement.

5.     Tips for joining Tuitions.:- As stated earlier joing Engineering tuitions in Delhi for your difficult subjects helps you to proactively stay ahead from rest of the students from your class. We here at our academy are giving tuitions for subjects like, Electrical technology, Maths, Physics both on regular and weekend basis. You can take a demo class from us and stay assure for the good marks in sessional and final exams.

6.     Most of the B.Tech tuitions institutes in Delhi are located in west Delhi near subhash nagar metro station. One of the leading institute for giving B.Tech tuitions in Delh is Tejas Engineers academy. Here the faculty is highly trained and is giving B.Tech tuitions from last fifteen years. They have handful of experience and most of the concepts are on tips. It is helping the students to understand highly difficult concepts of engineering, that you will not be able to cover in self study.

7.     Web based tools are used in giving B.Tech tuitions in Delh to ease the learning process. Students are coming to us from far off places like, Noida, Faridabad, Gaziabad, etc it is highly helping the students.

8.     We charge lesser fees than any other B.Tech tuition institute or home tuitions. We recommend you to not go for home tuitions, as school based teachers will come to you for taking the B.Tech subjects, and they will ruin your fundamentals.

9.     Rajesh sir is taking B.Tech tuitions in Delhi for Digial signal processing and Emft for last ten years and he is currently associated with Tejas Engineers Academy. He is taking the subject from standard books like Proakis and SP seth.


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