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How to clear all papers without B.Tech tuitions Tuition in Delhi

We are giving some guidelines to IPU students for clearing semester papers without joining the  B.Tech tuitions in Delhi.

1.      Update your class notes:- Regularly attend the classes and do complete your note book with all lecture notes. Hand written and self made notes are the best.

2.      Try to sit in the first row:- understanding of the lecture is more on front row compared to that on back rows.

3.      Don’t miss or bunk lectures:- Missing few or more lectures drastically disturbs the lecture rhythm and snatches our interest in the course.

4.      Pick previous papers:- From your library or from seniors try to get as many previous papers as possible to update yourself about the exam pattern. This the key to success because if you are planning to join B.Tech tuition in Delhi, then this is the most popular trick of the tutors to get the best result.

5.      Make subject teacher to know your name:- Somehow by asking queries, by calling on phone, or by asking or sending message on Whatsapp, facebook etc try to make the subject teacher know your name. This will keep in their mind that you are a good student and will give them impression while checking your answer sheets of internal exams and highly affects your internal marks.

6.      Keep yourself away from extracurricular activities:- It is observed many times that extracurricular activities are useless with respect to final exams or percentage of marks. They will distract you and keep you to force to join B.Tech tuitions in Delhi. We recommend you not indulge yourself too much in such activities and try to have distance from such things.

7.      Don’t believe on your friends:- Do not believe your friends regarding the  feedback of teachers or a subject or their preparation levels as they mostly try to misguide regarding how they are studying. They will not let you know about how they are preparing or getting some help or tuitions privately.

We have tried to guide you regarding self help in securing good marks in exam and try to avoid B.Tech tuitions in Delhi for your difficult papers.

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