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B.Tech Tuitions in Delhi for first year students

b tech maths tuition in delhi

B.Tech Tuitions in Delhi for first year students

In this semester of 2017 August students have took admission into prestigious colleges of Delhi, like NSIT, DTU, Indraprastha university (IPU), MDU etc. We are giving just a brief about your four year in the college that you have to go through.  We provide tuitions in Delhi for engineering maths to all the braches of engineering of first semester.

Less Time Available

In first year one of the most difficult subjects is engineering maths. In almost all universities syllabus of Maths in first semester is kept lengthy and difficult. In most of the cases students take maths-1 subject lineantly in an illusion to compare it with 12th class. In maths -1 syllabus is more and time of preparation is less and level of difficulty is more. We here at Tejas Engineers Academy are giving B.Tech tuitions in Delhi to cover the whole of Maths syllabus in just 25 Hours. We offer week days and Weekend basis.

Difficulty level is high

When students are in class 12th class they tend to follow the Maths syllabus at very slow pace. They join colony maths tuition centre or maths home tutor that is easily available to complete the syllabus in whole one year. Level of maths in 12th is very easy when we compare it with Engineering maths. The topics like double integration, polar coordinates, triple integrals require high level of understanding. We are giving B.Tech tuitions in Delhi for Engineering maths with a special focus on solving the difficult problems, those are generally given at the back of the chapter. B.Tech tuition provided by us is suitable for universities like DTU and NSIT where the level of paper is kept higher than normal.

Quality of Lectures in colleges

It is one of the major factors that are harming other than anyone to students of engineering education. Faculty of maths in most of the prestigious colleges is not paying attention to weak students they just complete the syllabus at very high pace to clear their burden and to get free. This type of teaching at high pace and without dedication is of no use to first semester students and they just tend to get one or more backlog. We are giving B.Tech tuitions in Delhi with a special focus on the weak students and in an easy to understand friendly manner. We also focus on the work that we give to students and let student to solve one or more problems in front of us.

Backlog students

When you are having backlog in first semester maths you need to give re exam in third semester. Now the problem is that you have to simultaneously focus on third semester subjects as well as on the previous first semester course. Students of first semester  backlog are generally not allowed to attend lectures with first year students. We are giving tuitions in Delhi dedicatedly to backlog and re students. To set a demo class you can contact us on 9899927912


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