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B.Tech tuition in Delhi for Mdu Tuition in Delhi

B.Tech tuition in Delhi for Mdu

Recently result of MD university came on website. Many students were disappointed after receiving the results. There were many expectations but more than 40% students get one or more backlogs.

This year there was a strategy to check the papers strictly. Teachers were complaining that most of the students passing from university are not much qualified and they possess little technical knowledge. They were discussing that from this year onwards we will not take a chance and will teach them good lessons.

We met one of the teacher who was saying that despite the fact that most of the students taking B.Tech tuitions in Delhi but still don’t know even how to differentiate x raised to the power n. Teacher also told us that there are many cases where students don’t even know the rules of simple algebra and plus minus. It’s a shame.

We tell most of the poor students that do join some B.Tech tuition in Delhi for engineering maths but students are very lazy. We met one of the student after result, he was weeping that this year it was my third attempt to clear engineering maths for which I was taking B.Tech tuition in Delhi from last six months. Student was saying that it was felt to everyone of us that teachers hanvent checked the answer sheets and filled marks directly.

Student also told to us that he is from diploma background and took lateral entry in engineering in second year. He was not having the skills to do integration and differentiation. He said that, I joined B.Tech tuition in Delhi for engineering maths. It helped me to understand tough problems and due to which I was able to clear mathematics exam in first attempt.

There are many examples in which students do very good paper but still they acquire backlog. Sometimes it comes in mind that teachers don’t even check the sheets and they directly give marks randomly. I explained one of the student that you can file RTI to check your answer sheet.


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