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B.Tech tuition institute in Delhi : Tajas Academy

Tejas Academy is no. 1 B.Tech tuition institute in Delhi. It provides quality tuitions for all subjects and all semesters for all streams of B.Tech. Subjects like Applied Mathematics, Applied Physics, Circuit Systems, Electrical Science, ADA, DSP, CA, DCS-1, II , CG, C++ etc. Our tutors are highly qualified, we provide printed notes to all students and we offer guaranteed success to all regular and reappear students. We offer B.Tech tuitions for all subjects and semester for universities like IPU, MDU, DTU, DCRUST, SHARDA univ, UPTU, MTU, Rajasthan Univ, K.U etc.

Mritunjay is B.Tech Faculty of Tejas Academy taking ,DBMS, Java, C++,C and Data,Operating System.

Category : B.Tech tuition institute in Delhi
Name : Mritunjay
Subjects: Java,C++,C and Data,Operating System,DBMS,Computer Architecture,Computer Graphics,TOC,ADA,Software Engineering,Discrete Maths,LIC,Data Communication and Computer Network
Educational Qualification  : M. Tech
Experience  : 4 years
College : IETE
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