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Engineering Tuitions in Delhi

Following is the time table for Engineering tuitions in Delhi for 2nd Feb

Any one of you can attend the class.

3 pm to 4 pm :- Microprocessor and microcontroller

3 pm to 4 pm: – Engineers Maths batch for DTU students

4pm to 5 pm:- Network analysis and synthesis

4 pm to 5 pm :- Engineering mathematics batch for USIT students

5 pm to 6 pm :- Electromagnetic field theory batch

5 pm to 6 pm :- Algorithm design and Analysis

6 pm to 7 pm :- Compiler design batch coaching for 6th semester students.

6 pm to 7 pm :- MDU maths batch for second semester

7 pm to 8 pm :- Special batch coaching for analog electronics for USIT students.

Anyone student looking for Engineering tuitions in Delhi for any of the above mentioned subject is allowed to attend the classes. You need to call us on no. 9999070890 before coming.

In this semester Tejas Engineers Academy is offering Engineering tutitions in Delhi for subjects like Engineering maths-2, Physics-2, Engineering mechanics, Electronic Devices, EMFT, Analog Electronics -2, NAS, COA, TOC, ADA, DSP,VLSI, Microwave Engineering, Embedded systems, MPMC.

mdu engineering maths 3 tuitions in delhi

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