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How to score good marks in B.Tech subjects

There are lots of tips and tricks to score good marks without joining Engineering tuitions in Delhi. We are discussing some of them here

  1. Making better notes:- Prepare your self notes by understanding the previous year problems of the final and sesssional exams. The B.Tech subject tuition teachers also teach from the previus paper. This is most important trick for scoring good marks.
  2. Refer good books:– Dont always study from the books that you get from the library. There are books by some local authors those have good command on the subject and contain lots of tips and tricks. Teachers giving Engineering tuitions in Delhi also referer from such books. One of the example is J.B. Gupta Electrical Technology book is better than the Van Valken burg book that we get from the library.
  3. Keep pervious year solved paper with you:- When you were in your tenth class you must have studied from sample paper such as You like or Together with Maths etc. Similar principle is applied by the Teachers giving Engineering tuitions in Delhi. This is a good trick to keep in touch with all the previous year questions of the subject and you will see that most of the question will be from that.
  4. Dont miss the lectures of Maths:- Maths teachers used to give examples of the paper based pattern in the class room. Such questions are highly important from examination point of view. Most of the tutors giving Engineering subjects home tuitions in Delhi used to refere to the class notes of highly experienced professors. It helps to predict the question paper also.
  5. Limit your society membership:- If you are a first year student, you need to limit the membership that join to earn certificates. Becausse it will consume your precious time of the ongoing semester and due to which you will not be able to study the important topics. You can opt to join Engineering tuitions in Delhi from us for all your important subjects by contacting us on number 9899927912.

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