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B.Tech tuitions in Delhi for second semester

For Engineering colleges of Delhi, second semester is having subjects, Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Physics, Engineering Mechanics, Introduction to programming. Engineering mechanics is one of the toughest and tricky subject of Engineering. It has got four credits. It contains topics like, friction, lifting machines, wedge friction, trusses, Moment of Inertia, dynamics, Shear force bending moment diagrams. The final paper of Engineering mechanics mainly consists o7 f all the numerical diagram based problems. These problems are not easy and they require a lot practice to solve them. We are giving B.Tech tuitions in Delhi for Engineering mechanics. The batch is going to start this Sunday. We will start with Free body diagram based difficult problems. In Engineering mechanics final paper usually consists of back of the chapter exercise of standard books. College teachers generally give these problems as assignment to students, this is because teachers don’t want to take pain in college for students, they tend to remain in their comfort zones. We are giving B.Tech tuitions in Delhi for Engineering mechanics, in which special efforts are being put on the back of the chapter exercises. These classes are being provided on Saturday Sunday basis. Timing are in general 11 am. Our way of teaching the subject is very interactive, you can take a demo class from us, by calling on our number provided.

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