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B Tech coaching institutes in Delhi

B.Tech Tuitions in Delhi

There are following colleges for which students are searching B Tech coaching in Delhi

Delhi Technological university, NSIT, IPU, MDU, RTU, Sharda University, SRM university, Galgotia University, JP University, Shiv Nagar University, ITM university, Ansal university etc. There are about sixteen engineering colleges running privately affiated to IP university. The level of teaching given to students in such colleges is very poor, but on the other hand the level of question paper is very high.Also there is very less time avialbale for first year students to prepare for the final exam. They are about six subjects in every semester with a lab subject for each. Most of the time available with students is spent in preparing for the viva and making files for labs. Students find themeselvs trapped in an illusion of doing some school level assignments and other formalities like making drawing sheets, and they don’t focus of the trend of the final examination pattern. Because of the less time available, students never prepare perfectly for the difficult question paper that the faculty sets for them. Faculty members themselves are not much trained to to give class room coaching, they just gives assignments and notes to students, and in return they set highly difficult paper to challenge the poor students. The level of paper they set, that the teacher himself or helrself is not able to solve without opening the book. I can challenge in most of the colleges about 80 percent of the paper setter cant solve the paper without opening the book. There is an urgent need of B Tech coaching in Delhi for engineering students. There are many colleges in which students pay huge amount of fees and , they cheat some of the students by failing them in one or more exam so that they will not able to take migration to any other college. We recommend every engineering student to join B Tech coaching in Delhi to avoid any onset backlog, which may badly affect the placement of the student.


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