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B.Tech coaching and tuitions for Second semester tuitions in delhi Second Semester contains subject like, Maths-2, Mechanics, Physics and EDC.
  1. Maths contains topics like Partial Differentitation, Partial Differential equations, Laplace Transform, Vector calculus and multiple integrals. Such topics are in detail and most of the difficult back of the chapter exercises come in exams. Most of the students and not did this in previous classes so finds it difficult to cope without some extra help. We are giving dedicated B.Tech tuitions in Delhi for maths two in a comprehensive way to solve most difficult problems provides some useful handwritten notes pdf to students. It gives them necessary material and practice to crack the exam.
  2. Mechanics containes difficult problems of Free body diagrams, connected motion, trusses, frames, and stress strain those are like IIT JEE level problems. Such problems students have always found difficult in view of the previous physics subject in 11th and 12th. Clearing this subject with good percentage of marks is a challenge, we are giving B.Tech tutorials for Mechanics in our institute on weekend basis, in which most of difficult back of the chapter exercises of AK Tayal book are being done. It is giving much benefit to the students for coming mid term exam in mid of February. Time remiaing is much less we recommend you to join our B.Tech tuition batch of Engineering mechanics as soon as possible.
  3. Electronic Devices:- This is new subject for first year students, it contains the in depth study of pn junction diode, Transistor and other electronic devices. Such topics were not being covered in depth in classs 12th physics beside this there are large number of numerical problems also which students may find it difficult ot understand. One of the example could be clipper clamper problems. We are running a batch of Engineering tuitions in Delhi for Electronic Devices subject in which students are being enrolled in weekdays basis, handwritten notes are also being provided which is helping quit a lot to the students.
  4. Engineering physics:- It involves chapters like Electrostatics, Magnetism, Electromagnetism, quantum theory Maxwells equations, etc. Subject is mostly high level Vector Calculus Maths, which may be difficult for most of the students because the underlying basics are not done previously. We are having a batch of B.Tech tuitions in Delhi for engineering physics in which difficult problems are being solved in each class and also notes are being provided.
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