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B.Tech Subjects tuitions


We offer batch and individual B.Tech tuition in Delhi for all leading subjects of Engineering

First Semester: – B.Tech Maths-1, B.Tech Physics-1, Electrical Tech., Manufacturing process

Second Semester:- Engineering Mechanics, B.Tech Maths-2, B.Tech Physics-2, Electronics Devices.

Third Semester:- For third semester we have two divisions of B.Tech tuition in Delhi, one is technical and other is non technical.

In technical division we have:- Signal system, Analog Electronics, STLD, Digital Electronics, Circuit System

In non technical case we have B.Tech Maths-3, Numerical Techniques, Stats and Probability, Data Structures, Discrete Maths, OOPS

Fourth Semester:- In fourth semester B.Tech coaching in Delhi is provided for following technical subjects

Algorithm Design and Analysis, Theory of computations, Analog Electronics 2, Communication systems, Network theory

We also cover B.Tech Maths-4


Fifth Semester:- In Fifth semester B.Tech coaching classes are provided for following major subjects

Digital system Design, Microprocessor and Microcontroller, Communication system -2, Compiler Design, Computer Graphics, Java Programming


Sixth Semester : In sixth semester We offer Engineering tuitions in Delhi for following main subjects :

Digital Signal processing, VLSI, Control systems, Advanced control sytems, Power Electronics, Microprocessor 8085 and Microprocessor 8086, Microwave and Radar Engineering, Antenna theory, computer networks etc.


Seventh Semester: In this semester B.Tech subjects tuition in Delhi is being offered for following major subjects :

Embedded sytems, Optical Communication, Consumer Electronics, Advanced computer networks, advanced VLSI, advanced DSP.

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