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B.Tech Tuition in Delhi for DSP

Tejas Engineers Academy is a premier institute of B.Tech tuition in Delhi. Following is schedule of B.Tech Tuition in Delhi on our institute

Sunday 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Subject: Digital Signal Processing

Teacher Name: Mrityunjay Sir

Mritunjay Sir has an experience of about 10 years and he is providing B.Tech tuition in Delhi in all areas. He is taking B Tech coaching classes in Delhi on Tejas Engineers Academy from last 3 years.

Following is the brief of the explanation of lecture that Mrityunjay sir is giving this Sunday.

Brief Explanation of B.Tech Tuition in delhi

The field of digital signal processing DSP has grown as an important field of study both theoretically and technologically, over the last few decades. The main reason for this success of DSP in the industry is due to development and use of low cost software and hardware with exciting practical applications. DSP algorithms have given rise to new range of applications in the technological development that includes microprocessors, microcontrollers and digital signal processors. These developments have a major impact on several disciplines such as electronics engineering, computer engineering, biomedical engineering and information technology. It has become a necessity that all technologists’ engineers should be familiar with digital signals and systems and basic DSP techniques so that they can use DSP in their applications.

DSP technology and its advancements have reached such a stage that without DSP, we probably cannot have digital intellect review, digital recording cd, dvd, mp3, mp4 players, instruments such as digital ecg analysers, x rays, ct scan mri medical energy system etc. without dsp, we would not have seen applications, such as voice recognition, analyzers.

Analog input signal is a signal that is normally encountered in day to day real world like current voltage. temperature, pressure, light intensity, etc. Non electrical analog signals need to be converted to electrical signals for which a transducer is required. These analog electrical signals then are passed through an analog filter that limits the frequency range of analog signals prior to getting converted to digital signals. The analog filter is also called pre aliasing filer since this filter attenuates aliasing distortion. Thus, the analog filter band limits the input analog signal. The ADC then converts it to a digital signal by sampling, quantization and coding processes. This digital signal is discrete both in time and in amplitude. The digital signal is then processed by DSP since DSP applications are primarily algorithms they are implemented in DSP processors. Processing may include low pass high pass band pass or band stop filtering or other algorithms for different applications. In fact a DSP processor unit is a special type of digital computer or it could be a general purpose digital computer, a microprocessor or an advanced microcontroller. DSP algorithms can also be implemented by software using at lab tool specifically meant for DSP.

The output of DSPx unit is a processor digital signal that depends on the type of algorithm it has been subjected to. The processed signal is then converted to an equivalent analog signal by means of a digital to analog converter DAC which will be continuous in time and discrete in amplitude. The last block of erconsutruction filter that smoothens the DACE output voltage to analog signal for real world use.

It may be noted that DSP systems basically use software, in terms of DSP algorithms implemented on a DSPx, thus providing a grea deal of flexibility, less noise interference and no signal distortion tha comes handy for several practical applications. However DSP systems still require minimum analog.

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