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B Tech coaching in Delhi for LIC

B Tech coaching in Delhi for LIC

Linear integrated circuit is a subject involving study of operational amplifiers and standard ICs like PLL, voltage regulator and function generator. It involves lots of syllabus with detailed numerical and derivations, regular practice and tough level problem solving is must for success in LIC. In colleges like NSIT, examination paper is very tough and lectures are not provided according to final papers. There are very less institutes offering B Tech coaching in Delhi for LIC subject. We provide LIC subject coaching with main focus on tough problem solving and previous examination pattern. We focus on final examination and aim to score high marks in end term examination. LIC also involves puzzle problems of Op amps in which students do not know how to solve a particular op amp circuit and to find the resulting output. Our LIC B Tech coaching  in Delhi involves lots of puzzle circuits of operational amplifier for finding the output. It is also found that there are many questions in final examination of NSIT – LIC paper based on the content not yet given in any book. These concepts are generally discussed by professor in lecture and these are based on research papers and not yet published in books. It is not possible for any ordinary B.Tech coaching institute in Delhi to teach such concepts. We have experience and database of previous notes of professors teaching in NSIT and we have designed specific LIC B.Tech tuition classes in Delhi pertaining to research level problems. You can thus imagine it is a highly demanding and tough subject to clear without any external help.You can attend demo class by calling on our number 9999070890. We also offer B.Tech coaching  in Delhi on individual basis for distant students those are here in Delhi for short time.


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