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B Tech coaching in Delhi for DSP

Digital Signal processing is a very crucial subject of Engineering for which B Tech coaching in Delhi is provided on vast level. B Tech coaching institutes in Delhi primarily focuses on Filter design.

There are two types of filters in DSP, FIR filters and IIR filters. FIR filter stands for Finite Impulse response filters whereas IIR stands for Infinite Impulse response filters. In DSP every block to which we give some input signal is said to be a filter. The output produced by block depends upon the impulse response of system. Impulse response of system is the output produced by system by giving it a unit impulse as input signal. There is a high demand of B Tech coaching in Delhi for FIR Filter design. There are very special types of FIR filters which are known as Linear Phase FIR filters. These types of Filters have constant group and phase delays. Phase of system is tan-1(Imaginary Part / Real Part) of Frequency response of system.  Negative differentiation of phase of filter with respect to angular frequency is known as group delay of Filter. Group delay of Filter must be constant for a filter to be linear phase. Research is being done these days to produce linear phase IIR filter. B Tech coaching in Delhi deals with both types of linear phase filters designs i.e. linear phase FIR filters and Linear phase IIR Filters.

We will now describe steps to design FIR filters for which B Tech coaching in Delhi is provided. For Designing Linear phase FIR filters first we should be having a given desired frequency response Hd(ejw). Then we take its IDTFT to find the time domain version of desired response hd[n]. We then multiply hd[n] with a suitable window function w[n]. This gives us filter coefficients h[n]. We then take its Z-Transform to find H(z). Then we draw filter structure in direct form or cascade form. The aim of B Tech coaching in Delhi is to give exposure to Engineering students about various types of Filter design algorithms. Above technique is known as window method of FIR filter design.

There are other techniques also for designing IIR Filters such as Bilinear transformation and Impulse invariance method for which B Tech coaching in Delhi is provided. In next post we will describe various techniques in very easy way for designing IIR filters.


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